Bernie Sanders campaign staff: where are they now?

  • Senator Bernie Sanders has built a loyal network of presidential campaign staff.
  • A few of them landed in the Biden administration.
  • Former assistants work for progressive candidates, advocacy groups, and a comic book store.
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Bernieworld is preparing its political future.

Disappointed by the presidential defeat of Senator Bernie Sanders in 2020, his former assistants and volunteers have scattered across the country to support insurgent progressive candidates, organize behind social causes and even run for office themselves.

These veteran campaign agents and Gen Z organizers who backed Sanders in 2020 tell Insider they don’t expect the 80-year-old senator from Vermont to take another shot at the presidency. But they expect their movement to remain a dominant force in Democratic politics for decades to come.

“He’s inspired people to think of their own power in a different way than many presidential candidates, and I think that will have long-term impacts,” said Becca Rast, who has served as national director of pitch for Sanders 2020 campaign and now works for the progressive group Justice Democrats.

Former Sanders employees keep in touch via

channels, alumni Facebook pages and group texts. They are circulating details of job openings and organizing opportunities, and share their frustrations over political disappointments, such as the guy who beat Bernie in the Democratic primary, Joe Biden, couldn’t get a minimum wage of $ 15.

They still focus on leftist policies that have drawn staff members to Sanders, said David Sirota, who was the campaign’s senior communications adviser.

“Bernie’s diaspora is almost certainly going to focus on this agenda, and I think it’s not clear that there is a candidate, person or politician around whom this diaspora rallies,” he said. he declares. “There is no heir.”

Some veterans of the Sanders campaign have landed in the Biden administration, but most are striving to shape Democratic politics from the outside. They’ve landed on Capitol Hill, in Congressional campaigns, in progressive rights groups, and in at least one comic book store.

Here are 44 Sanders Campaign alumni we follow, listed in alphabetical order. Do you know of other people who should be on our list? Email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

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