Booming downtown leads the way with dog-friendly shopping campaign


A BOOM town center continues to pave the way for North Wales shoppers.

And Mold has also become a favorite with pet owners after more than 20 businesses signed up to allow dogs on their premises.

“Dog-Friendly Mold” encourages anyone visiting the city with their four-legged friends to “leave nothing but footprints” and to ensure that litter is picked up and disposed of to keep the streets clean.

The campaign has been embraced by customers and shop owners across the region, many of whom now offer delicious treats, water bowls and safe outdoor spaces.

Among them is social enterprise RainbowBiz CIC, whose director Sue Oliver said canine friendliness has been well received at their Hippy shop.

“We have a water bowl at the door and signs that say dogs are welcome,” she said.

“For many people, their dog is their best friend, so we understand the importance of having them with them when they visit us.

“As a result, we’ve seen an increase in the number of dogs and their owners coming here – as long as they’re all well behaved, they’re always welcome!”

The same goes for Simmi Womanswear on New Street, whose owner Simone Ellis unveiled a new range of ‘paw-fect’ designer gifts this week.

“We have key rings, bags and more for pet owners, which are already very popular,” she said.

“The feedback on being a ‘dog-friendly’ business has been positive, and as long as the owners are responsible they are always welcome here.”

Words echoed by Gareth Jones, owner of Mold Alehouse on Earl Road.

“We are proud to support the campaign and always happy to serve well-behaved dogs and their well-behaved humans!”

Mold celebrated a downtown vacancy rate of just 5.8%, having seen more than 50 stores open in the past two years.

The town’s commercial success drew praise from the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, who admired its ‘distinctive’ offer and said: ‘What you see in places like Mold is that they have developed something different. It’s not like being on any other main street in any other city.

Marie Revell, owner of Latte Lottie in the Daniel Owen neighborhood certainly agrees and says the warmth between businesses, shoppers and their pets has brought a feel-good factor to the area.

In fact, Marie’s own dog, Lottie, the sprocker spaniel, inspired the name of the cafe and sandwich bar, which opened last summer.

“Customer feedback is always positive, they are thrilled to have a place to bring their dog, to hang out and relax, especially when the weather is bad,” she said.

“We are more than happy to welcome them, and the free sausages and treats we give to the dogs are always welcomed! This is a great campaign and shows once again why Mold is such a unique and friendly place.


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