Businessmen court Osinbajo as campaign posters flood FCT


Some businessmen from the six geopolitical zones have asked Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to join the 2023 presidential race, describing him as “the missing link that the business community in Nigeria needs right now”.

Their call came as posters and billboards of Osinbajo’s campaign flooded various parts of the territory from the federal capital to Abuja.

One of the large billboards with the photo of Osinbajo was seen near the House on the Rock Church, after the city gate on Airport Road, Abuja, with the inscription: “Businessmen for Osinbajo – Let’s get to work ”.

Another billboard was also seen near the INEC junction, Wuse 2 in the FCT and carried the same inscription while the posters and another billboard read: “Businessmen for Osinbajo – Run, Osinbajo , Run! 2023. “

A statement released on Wednesday evening by the organizer, Businessmen For Osinbajo and the Managing Director / Managing Director of Portal Realties Ltd, Dr Tayo Fashogbon, said members had started planning fundraisers for the campaign to update their efforts to have the Vice President become President of Nigeria. in 2023.

Fashigbon said, “He (Osinbajo) is a patriotic and detribalized Nigerian who will be committed to working for everyone. He is the only one who holds such a promise among other Nigerians aspiring to work. The imperative of a President totally devoid of sectoral interests has never been so essential.

“These are the reasons why more and more well-meaning Nigerians are coming in large numbers every day to invest in ‘Project Osinbajo’. This is also why the country’s new businessmen have decided not to leave politics to politicians alone, but are ready to become fully involved in the political destiny of our country.

Further, the group’s co-organizer, Tunji David, said Osinbajo is an entrepreneurial person that the business community in Nigeria can count on, adding that “with him as chairman, we are confident that businesses in Nigeria will thrive ”.

Fashogbon said BFO is working with the mandate of millions of Nigerian businessmen who believe in the quality of leadership Osinbajo will bring if Nigerians give him their mandates.

He was silent on potential donors, however, but said donations would come from players in the oil and gas, real estate and construction, transport and aviation, food and beverage industries. agriculture, electricity, construction, mining, road construction, automotive, market women and SMEs. .

He said: “We are already putting plans in place to facilitate a fundraising platform. We are really overwhelmed with the number of investors and other interest groups calling for a donation for the course. This clearly shows that millions of Nigerians from all parties are coming together.

“This ruling also corroborated our earlier statement that Professor Osinbajo is the unifying force the country needs at this time under the circumstances. Osinbajo understands the challenges and demands of the office of the President of Nigeria and has gained the depth of on-the-job training and preparation to succeed the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret’d). ”

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