Campaign launched in North Wales to help businesses reach net zero


North Wales business leaders have launched a major campaign to help the region achieve net zero status.

Led by the Mersey Dee Business Council and announced at the inaugural meeting of Net Zero North Wales, the campaign will focus on several key areas for businesses and nonprofits to meet the climate target.

These include the development of low-carbon and renewable energy sources, such as the use of hydrogen as a potential fuel source, the improvement of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the production of on-site or local energy, energy efficiency and property renovation programs.

The campaign will also look for ways to help the transportation sector become less carbon dependent and encourage a “circular economy” to reduce waste and advance recycling programs.

The companies will also jointly lobby governments, local authorities and key industry figures to invest more in the development of carbon-neutral technologies.

Many local businesses have been recognized for their efforts to become carbon neutral. These include the use of solar technologies in the premises, the use of electric vehicles and the introduction of recycling protocols.

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“They are widely recognized as local pioneers in promoting clean energy and sustainable production methods that still maintain profitability,” said Business Council chief executive Ashley Rogers.

“We can all learn from their experiences and from each other as we move forward. This is the core concept behind the Net Zero North Wales Network and we are calling on organizations across the region to get involved. “

Clare Budden, Chief Executive of the ClwydAlyn Housing and Business Council President’s Group, said: “It is crucial that we share ideas, lobby influential authorities and come up with innovative ways for the whole community to our region to benefit from the campaign to drastically reduce our carbon footprint.

“I am happy to say that the social housing sector is already working in innovative ways and playing a leading role in the race to achieve net zero in North Wales.”

She added: “Social landlords are investing huge sums of money in decarbonizing existing properties and building new energy-efficient, low-carbon homes, which not only helps fight climate change, but also to fight against fuel poverty at the same time.”

Around 30 local businesses contributed to the inaugural Net Zero North Wales meeting at the Conwy Business Center in Llandudno Junction.

Among these was the Anglesey Sea Zoo which is home to the UK’s first fully solar-powered aquarium after the installation of 50kW of photovoltaic solar panels on a £1million extension plan bringing more green technologies to tourist attraction.

Owner Frankie Hobro said: “It’s vital for businesses to invest in green technology. We’re now at a stage where we’re in the last ditch saloon and if we don’t act it means disaster. for the local environment and our entire planet.”


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