Changes for the future at Bryant Industries


April 23—DANVILLE — Bryant Industries’ Warrington Avenue property has grown over the years, with the purchase of the former Circle Iron and Metal, an additional 170 acres in 1991, Bargain Auto in 2008 and the original office of Western Brick Co. which was at one time the largest brick company in the world.

The company also bought a trucking company in 2010 which burned down. Bryant also owns 500 acres across the river.

“We’re kind of a conglomerate here. It’s very difficult when people come in, where to go, what to do,” Chairman and CEO Mike Bryant said of the multiple buildings on Warrington Avenue.

Some of the buildings will disappear, as part of office consolidation plans.

“We will be restoring the Western Brick office to our headquarters,” Mike said of the brick building that housed apartments.

They will empty it and put a new entry in it.

The other office buildings will be demolished.

There will be two basic facilities, offices in the brick building. Cash register and traffic will be in the other zone.

The company will also see a new long fence and a new concrete parking lot.

Mike said they were the first to bring the idea of ​​recycling behind the wheel locally in 2009, so the public wouldn’t fight the mud, dust and weather. He said they fixed it quite well in 2011/2012, but it still needs to be renovated.

Mike said they hope the improvements will be in place by the first quarter or first half of 2023.

Some of the improvements will soon be complete, such as the construction of a new fence in the next few weeks and concrete work which may begin in May.

“It’s quite exciting,” he said.

The company should be in good hands for the future.

One of Mike’s sons could succeed him at the head of the company.

“It’s in our blood. I can’t see us ever getting out of it,” Mike said.

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