EuroSafety Group launches #MainAzaadHuKyunkiMainSurakshitHu campaign on Independence Day


New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsView) Euro Safety Group, a leading integrated manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of PPE, recently launched its new #MaiAzaadHuKyunkiMaiSurakshitHu digital campaign to celebrate the spirit of patriotism at occasion of 75th Independence Day of India. The campaign is conceptualized and designed by Euro Safety Group. The digital film introduces Euro Safety workers and shows freedom from fear: how a safe person feels free and how liberation comes from safety. It emphasizes the importance of the brand product and equipment. The aim of the campaign is to build people’s confidence in their products and equipment, because anyone who is safe at work is safe from the fear of accidents. Commenting on the campaign, Varun Budhiraja, Director of Euro Safety Group, said: “A lot of times as a business we sometimes forget the essence of an important occasion such as Independence Day. But with this campaign, we have ensured that the true essence and values ​​of freedom and independence are effectively represented through our film, conveying a strong message. Euro Safety Group brings together active companies under one roof, namely EuroSafety Footwear, EuroSafety Equipments, EuroSafety Nonwovens and EuroSafety Solutions. EuroSafety offers innovative, high quality protection products for the workplace in line with the mission statement, Protection with Comfort. EuroSafety’s production expertise is based on the focus on manufacturing facilities in India encompassing the latest technology, high safety standards and professional quality management. YouTube link: About Euro Safety Group Euro Safety Group began as the safety footwear manufacturing arm of Roger Industries Limited (manufacturer and exporter of fashion footwear since 1979) and later expanded gradually diversified into other security products. It has manufacturing facilities in India, sourcing offices in the Far East and marketing offices spread across the globe. The company’s subsidiary, Boa Safety Solutions, which manufactures and distributes PPE in Africa, operates in South Africa. Soon, Euro Safety Group plans to grow aggressively and become a multinational PPE conglomerate. With over 2500 employees worldwide, Euro Safety provides innovative, high quality protective products for the workplace in accordance with the mission statement, Protection with Comfort. Euro Safety’s production expertise is based on the focus on manufacturing facilities in India encompassing the latest technology, high safety standards and professional quality management. Our products are designed around the needs of the worker for long-lasting comfort and durability, allowing us to customize each piece of protection and for this reason, the primary mission of our group of companies is protection with comfort. Varun Budhiraja, Director and CMO – Euro Safety Group of Companies Varun Budhiraja, Director and CMO at Euro Safety Group of Companies began his professional journey when he realized the growing need for PPE kits during the 2020 global pandemic. to become a savior for the Indian people fighting COVID, the world of literature and design was Varun’s passion. He is the author of the book and the VD Artistic Verses while pursuing his dreams. Varun is also a certified footwear designer and developer for the luxury fashion footwear market. Although he has a completely different profession, his zeal for literature and art helps him oversee the creative content and design used by Euro Safety Group. Varun also actively oversees the CSR wing of their business group called Roger Foundation. Over the years, he has also rekindled his passion for providing well-designed PPE kits to Indian workers and developing Euro Safety into a world-class brand. Varun’s dream is halfway to the recognition and appreciation that Euro Safety Group regularly receives. Different ranking agencies, publishing houses and sole proprietorships admire the company and the quality of manufacturing, productivity, performance and brand image in India. During a short period of its operations in the PPE market, Euro Safety has received numerous titles and accolades for its quality manufacturing. The Government of India has recognized Euro Safety Group as the Most Innovative MSME and the Most Productive MSME. Varun is also the recipient of many prestigious awards. As the scion of a forty-year-old company, Varun intends to lead with vision and determination to elevate Euro Safety Group to dizzying heights. Video: Main Azaad Hoon, Kyunki Main Surakshit Hoon

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