Greg Norman says the Rival Saudi Golf League will announce its first events on Wednesday


Greg Norman continues to urge players’ patience and vows the yet to be named league will be launched.

LIV Golf Enterprises and the proposed new league led by Greg Norman have received several hits in recent weeks, namely a few top PGA Tour players professing their allegiance to the PGA Tour and saying no to lucrative guaranteed openings to compete on the new Tour.

But Norman did not give up.

In a letter he sent to players on Tuesday and obtained by Read, Norman expressed his intention to “offer additional exciting tournaments for you to play in”, and stressed that “it is in plus, not instead of, your current touring schedule.

His letter said information on the first events will be shared on Wednesday when a larger announcement is expected.

In October, Norman was named CEO of LIV Golf Investments, which entered into an agreement with the Asian Tour to commit $300 million over 10 years to help fund a series of events that would provide more playing opportunities and best.

As part of the deal, the Asian Tour has agreed to be the sanctioning tour for the future LIV Golf League which has yet to announce its business plan, but which would loosely include 14 with courses from 48 players on 54 holes without cuts. . The purses would be $20 million per week, and there would be a team component with team owners.

Players such as Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson were among those believed to be in serious negotiations with LIV Golf and expected to receive nine-figure commitments just to sign. The league would be funded by the Public Investment Fund, Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.

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DeChambeau and Johnson have since backed down, as have several other players who have said they will stay with the PGA Tour. Mickelson, who has not competed since the Saudi international in early February, announced three weeks ago that he would be taking time off to deal with personal issues after his PGA Tour criticisms were harshly pushed back and that he tried to gain ground with LIV Golf Investissements.

So far, no players have been announced for the new league, nor any schedule, but Norman is about to reveal a few events that will likely be held with big prize money and no league affiliation required.

Last week at The Players Championship, PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan said, “The PGA Tour is moving forward. We have too much momentum and too much to accomplish to be constantly distracted by rumors of other golf leagues and their attempts to prevent our players, our partners and especially our fans from enjoying the Tour and the game we love. all so much. ‘

But another plan emerged on Tuesday that would incorporate alternate formats into the PGA Tour schedule. Read obtained a letter the Premier Golf League sent to the PGA Tour Policy Board last month outlining its plan.

Norman, meanwhile, pursues an alternative idea.

“We consider ourselves a start-up,” he said in the letter. “We can start with a modest number of players, but we won’t stay that way for long. I fully understand that some players choose not to play with us right away. But once we get started, I believe many who aren’t with us now will be later. I want to thank you for your patience, but know that it will be worth it.”

Norman said in the letter that his concept was “always designed out of respect for major championships and heritage. LIV Golf has been consistent in its desire to complement annual tour schedules and the broader golf ecosystem. From the beginning, we designed this so that players had the choice to participate in any circuit and LIV Golf events, and we actively encourage you to do so. We won’t ask you to choose one or the other. This is in addition to and does not replace your current tour schedule.”

Norman added: “You should know that we are launching and we will continue to push this vision forward. We will not stop. We believe in our mission and will announce information about our first events (Wednesday).

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