How to measure an influencer campaign


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How to measure influence? Is it the reach, the views, the engagement or is there something more, a hard to define and more lasting impact?

Sharyn SmithCEO of The Influence Group and president of industry body AIMCO, explains that the campaigns aim to influence a community of people who follow a creator, by spreading awareness of the brand’s concepts.

“You first need to define what campaign success and goals look like (like all campaigns), and then we really need to understand the metrics that matter to measure those specific KPIs,” Smith said.

“We define campaigns based on awareness metrics through to actual behavioral impact. We often develop campaigns that have multiple goals by activating different levels – for example, macro influencers do more outreach and micro do more behavioral change.”

Smith says the key things to consider when measuring influencer marketing campaigns are making sure brands are looking at them from the perspective of who they’re trying to influence and whether they’re reaching and impacting that community.

“We need to understand our measurement at the community level and at the total campaign level. Analyzing individual creator performance is key to optimizing campaigns and ensuring we have continued performance from creator partnerships.”

Cristina ForlaniDirector of Marketing and New Business at We Are Social, says the fastest way to get influencer measurement wrong is to focus solely on the engagement created by influencers.

“Conversely, an obsession with results will help you choose the most appropriate influencers, ensure the creative is right for both their audience and your brand, and focus on the kind of engagement you need” , says Forlani.

“At We Are Social, we use dashboards, post-campaign analytics, and holistic social activity reporting.

“We focus on the metrics that matter, not just the ones we can easily measure, and use methodologies such as brand lift testing to measure brand as well as performance outcomes.

“Like any marketing initiative, influencer marketing campaigns should be accountable and their ROI should be benchmarked against other channels.”

The key questions to consider when measuring an influencer campaign, according to the Director of Marketing and New Business, are:

  • What was the cost per person lifted?

  • What is the incrementality of influencer activity compared to other media?

  • What is the impact on the bottom line, in terms of influencer fees, fulfillment costs, and profits capitalized from influencer revenue.

According to Forlani and Smith, when measuring an influencer marketing campaign, it is important to focus on the metrics that matter to drive engagement, social awareness, and brand connectivity to influencer platforms. and their subscribers.

Black-smith focuses on five key metrics when looking to leverage success through an influencer marketing campaign, explaining them as follows:

  • Awareness: “The most important numbers such as impressions (how many people say the content/post) or views (how many people say the video/story) give an idea of ​​the extent of its distribution (driving notoriety).”

  • Engagement: “Engagement rate (comments and likes) to understand if content is resonating (changing opinions/attitudes). We could also consider saves and shares here as more active engagement.”

  • Sentiment: “AI-based sentiment and content analysis (analysis of comments to understand reactions to content and whether it influences people).

  • Actions: “We measure actions by analyzing what people have done with the content: did they click on a link, visit a page or buy a product? These can be measured using affiliate codes and unique links.”

  • Share of voice benchmarking: “Another key metric we look at is the share of voice the campaign generates on selected social platforms versus competitors. campaign-free periods.”

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