I4 Mining makes Dynamix, its platform for real-time data consolidation and delivery of AI + IoT solutions, accessible to everyone


I4 Mining Dynamix

I4 Mining has made available to the mining sector Dynamix, the main platform that supports their pre-built digital mining solutions.

The I4 Mining Dynamix Platform is the foundational technology miners need to create a truly complete digital mine that has been lacking until now.

— Phillip McBride, Head of I4 Mining and CSO of Rayven

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, Feb. 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A platform for consolidating real-time data and delivering AI + IoT solutions, I4 Mining Dynamix offers extreme interoperability, allowing companies to integrate each data source and every piece of technology that exists in one place to create a single, accurate source of truth and establish a complete lifecycle, lifelong view on which AI and automations can then be built – all on a single platform.

I4 Mining Dynamix is ​​pre-configured to report on key business metrics and allows executives, as well as people in the field, to assess performance and execute decisions in real time, based on information, on credible and comprehensive data sets. It also allows companies to use the data they already have to get started and then grow the end-to-end solution from pit to port over time as new data points are identified or needs increase.

Phillip McBride, Head of I4 Mining and CSO of Rayven, said on the release of Dynamix “The I4 Mining Dynamix platform is the foundational technology miners need to create a truly complete digital mine that was missing until here.

“Dynamix works with the technology you already own and allows you to effortlessly compile accurate, real-time reports on SDGs, tonnage, TCFDs, asset utilization, security metrics – or anything else – In addition, it provides a window to visualize the lifecycle of a mine (or company) throughout its lifetime in one place and not only guides mining executives on how they can achieve critical business goals via predictive analytics, but give them the Industry 4.0 functionality needed to achieve them using AI and automation, too.

“I4 Mining Dynamix is ​​hyper flexible, fully interoperable and can be deployed (and scaled) both quickly and affordably – it’s the next generation Industry 4.0 platform that mining companies need to digitally transform incrementally, comprehensively and affordably.”

Learn more about I4 Mining Dynamix: https://i4mining.rayven.io/digital-mining-solutions/dynamix.

About I4 Mining

I4 Mining is a specialized suite of digital data mining solutions built on Dynamix’s real-time data and AI + IoT solution delivery platform created by world-leading industry specialist Rayven 4.0, dedicated to helping the mining sector achieve tangible business results and true digital technologies. transformation.

Dynamix is ​​100% interoperable with existing and third-party technologies; it unifies data, creates a single real-time source of truth, and adds easy-to-use Industry 4.0 functionality to provide miners with real-time predictive insights and automation capabilities from pit to port and beyond, effortlessly .

I4 Mining’s digital mining solutions are built on the Dynamix foundation and contain prebuilt functionality for multiple use cases, including advanced AI and real-time adaptive analytics, so miners can achieve ESG, productivity and many other extraordinary business goals. box, quickly.

Quick to deploy, easy to use (no code), and commercially viable at scale; I4 Mining empowers mining companies to truly transform and dedicate development time to hyper-customization and optimization of their solutions in the field, reducing risk and delivering rapid and measurable return on investment. .

For more information visit: https://i4mining.rayven.io

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