IBEDC launches round-the-clock counting campaign in Osun


Ibadan Electricity Utility has launched its 24-hour ‘Mobile Map’ campaign in the ancient town of Ile-Ife, Osun State, in a bid to reduce the metering process for social and economic growth.

The IBEDC team traveled to major parts of Ile-Ife including Lagere, Sabo, Fajuyi, Moore, Enuwa, Ondo Road, Mayfair, Eleyele, Parakin and Modakeke to spread the news through direct talks and distribution of leaflets.

The Nigeria News Agency reports that some of the customers were measured during Thursday’s campaign.

The Commercial Manager, Ile-Ife Business Hub of IBEDC, Mr. Olumide Akinradewo, said the new metering initiative will help address the persistent metering deficit in the region for optimal performance.

“We have more than enough meters to go around our customers in Ile-Ife and surrounding areas, so there is no shortage of meters.

“I want to assure our customers that they won’t regret partnering with us; we believe we will get positive feedback and testimonials from them,” Akinradewo said.

Furthermore, IBEDC Public Relations Officer, Ms. Kikelomo Owoeye explained that the meters have passed all the necessary quality assurance tests and assessments.

Owoeye urged clients to approach any IBEDC office in Ile-Ife and surrounding areas with their bills and ID cards.

She added that a member of staff would follow the customer to their house to check the type of meter to be used and to ensure that the wires that connect the house were not illegally connected.

According to her, after the technical evaluation, within 24 hours, the meter would be connected.

One of the customers, Ms. Olayemi Adekunle, who was metered within 24 hours of payment, expressed satisfaction with the process, saying she was very happy to have a prepaid meter as it gives her confidence.

“As soon as there is light, the meter continues to read; IBEDC wouldn’t cheat me and I wouldn’t cheat them either.

“The process of acquiring a meter has become so easy; I paid today and was measured today. I will have more in my other homes,” Adekunle said.

The client noted that the arrangement was better than the estimated billing, saying “if they can give it to everyone, we’ll have peace”.

Adekunle noted that if there was a steady supply of electricity, people could work and it would grow the economy.


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