IIM Udaipur Begins Application for PG Diploma in Business Administration for Executives


IIM Udaipur Invites To Apply For PG Diploma In Business Administration For Executives

New Delhi:

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur has initiated the online application process for the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration for Working Executives (PGDBA-WE). IIM Udaipur will organize the PGDBA-WE for a period of 24 months in a new format with alumni status and hands-on online classes at weekends with two short-term modules on campus, said IIM Udaipur .

Graduates from any discipline with a minimum of three years of professional experience can apply for this program. Weekend classes, according to IIM Udaipur, in physical mode which has been replaced by online weekend classes can be taken at home.

IIM Udaipur application direct link: iimu.ac.in

The postgraduate degree program will start from June 4, 2022 with the first one-week module on campus. Subsequently, classes will take place on weekends only in online mode. There is no study center, etc. where the student would be required to go. Another week-long on-campus module will take place towards the end of the program in June 2024.

Classes will take place only on weekends in virtual mode, in order to allow aspirants to follow the program from their location, with the choice of continuing to work. It enables professionals, including those currently employed, to enhance their performance and career by building a solid foundation and in-depth understanding of business management through this program from a globally ranked and accredited IIM. .

Professor Janat Shah, Director of IIM Udaipur, said: “The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration for Active Executives is structured around career advancement, leadership and strategy, and offers full exposure to business management. We are committed to developing business leaders who will propel their organizations into emerging economies. Offered online Saturdays and Sundays by world-class teachers, the twenty-four month program can be taken very easily from anywhere ”.

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