Interswitch launches #NeverStop campaign to celebrate its 20th anniversary


By Adedapo Adesanya

To announce the commemoration of its 20th anniversary, Interswitch has launched a new brand campaign to project its positioning as a pioneer and integral enabler in the Nigerian business ecosystem.

The campaign titled #NeverStop will not only actively support the growth and development of fintech and payments across Africa over the past 20 years, but will also amplify the brand’s progressive outlook as a pioneering business that continues to pushing boundaries and facilitating the creation of new ecosystems that help businesses and individuals grow and thrive.

Speaking at the anniversary kick off on Tuesday, the company’s Group Founder/CEO Mr Mitchell Elegbe said it was in line with his aim to inspire Africa to greatness through l innovation, value creation and excellence.

“Today, as we kick off our celebrations, there is great excitement within Interswitch, but also deep reflection as we look back on the journey of the past two decades – twenty years of transforming the economy. Interswitch was founded to solve a social problem – to make it easier for people to pay, transact and access their funds.

“We saw a way to do this by developing consumer-centric products and services that are at the forefront of technology and innovation. As is the case with many pioneers, as we navigated uncharted waters, there were times when we forged ahead with no assurance and were carried along by tenacity and courage.

“At that time, the big picture was driving us forward, our dream of creating a prosperous Africa, driven by a transparent exchange of value and trade,” he said.

Mr. Elegbe noted that the above was the foundation upon which Interswitch’s two flagship products, Quickteller and Verve, were created – born out of the global mission to solve problems and focused on providing comprehensive solutions enabling individuals to make daily payments, to help connect and simplify the lives of our consumers across the continent.

From Mr. Elegbe’s perspective, the growth avenue remains significant, as more than 50% of Nigeria is still unbanked or underbanked and 85% of transactions in Sub-Saharan Africa are still done in cash.

“Today, technology is at the forefront of society and will continue to play an important role in the way we work and live. Nigeria is rapidly becoming the tech capital of Africa, with one of the fastest growing tech markets in the world.

“Interswitch has always focused on the big picture, understanding that ‘going it alone’ is not the answer and that we do best working together.

Building a profitable and successful business has been important, but to achieve our goal of inspiring Africa to greatness, we had to play our part in providing an enabling environment for the holistic ecosystem to thrive,” he said. he declares.

For her part, Ms. Cherry Eromosele, Group Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications, said: “As we look to the future, we see enormous potential for future growth and the realization of our vision. The outlook is changing rapidly; At Interswitch, we also view the application of digital payments as industry agnostic and with the growing adoption of technology and digital payments across Nigeria and Africa, the opportunities to expand the fintech/payments landscape keep showing up.”

Over the next six months, the company intends to gradually unveil a range of brand campaigns, commemorative events and thought leadership initiatives centered around this pan-African milestone for the company.

Founded in 2002, Interswitch disrupted the traditional cash payments value chain in Nigeria by supporting the introduction of electronic payment processing and switching services.


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