Karnataka CM urges youth to join war on drugs, launches anti-narcotics campaign


Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai urged young people in Karnataka to join the government in its war on drugs, adding that the strictest punishment will be imposed on those who sell drugs in and around college campuses and to those who consume it.

Speaking at the launch event for a statewide anti-narcotics campaign organized by the state government’s Home Office in conjunction with a Kannada news daily. “Karnataka would be completely free from the threat of drugs with the cooperation of young people,” he said.

“Energy is another name for young people,” Bommai added and called on young people to harness this energy to build a bright future for themselves and bring laurels to the state.

Stressing the need to eradicate the drug threat from the state, he said he had asked the police to install CC cameras around all major colleges. “Likewise, CC cameras should be installed on college campuses and hostels.”

Karnataka has declared war on drugs. The state leads the country in the number of drugs seized and destroyed. “We are going to wage a relentless war on drugs. Some foreign nationals staying in Bengaluru were found to be involved in drug trafficking. Severe measures are taken against them. NDPS law is used to crush the drug threat. The Dark Web was first entered in Karnataka. The supply of drugs from abroad is prevented, ”CM said.

He urged young people to register to be part of the campaign against drugs. The chief minister called those involved in the drug trafficking traitors and assured them that they would be treated severely.


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