Keir Starmer vows Labor is a ‘business party’ as he draws up new Brexit plan


Opposition leader tried to convince companies after Boris Johnson’s ‘rambling’ speech on Peppa Pig at IWC conference was dismissed

CBI President Karan Bilimoria (left) accompanies Sir Keir Starmer on a walkabout at the offices of software company Advanced at the Mailbox in Birmingham ahead of the Labor leader’s speech at the CBI’s annual conference

Labor leader Keir Starmer has pledged Labor will back business as he unveils a new Brexit strategy.

Speaking at the start of the CBI conference, which was held partly in Birmingham, the opposition leader said his party was “back to business” and wanted a new “contract” with the industry and would run “a tight ship” if elected to rule.

This was in stark contrast to Boris Johnson’s ‘rambling’ speech at the IWC’s South Shields conference stage, in which Mr Johnson lost his place in his notes and started talking about Peppa Pig World – a amusement park about a six hour drive northeast.

Mr. Starmer focused on winning businesses following the Jeremy Corbyn years.

He said Labor was “not planning revenge” on Brexit, despite declining exports to Europe and supply chain chaos, but accused Boris Johnson of having “absolutely no plan. to make Brexit work “.

He said: ‘Brexit has arrived and we are not going to join it. But it is obvious that a poorly thought out Brexit is holding Britain back. “

The Labor leader said he would support new deals with the EU to resolve disputes over the trade pact with Northern Ireland.

He also said the party would cut red tape, seek regulatory equivalence for financial services and support a better long-term deal for UK carriers to resolve supply chain issues.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson watches a new electric shuttle as it leaves the Port of Tyne,



Mr Starmer also hit the Prime Minister.

“There is another element, leadership,” he said. “Confidence matters in international negotiations. But with this Prime Minister, this ingredient is missing.

“Instead we get a series of pantomime conflicts that are not good for British business or the British public, and no help at all as we tackle the task of remaking Britain.”

He said that “work is back in business”, the “party of work” and therefore “the party of business”.

He vowed that Labor would run ‘a stable government’, telling business leaders: ‘A company which employed a sitting Tory MP received £ 133million for test kits which had to be recalled as they failed. were not working.

“This is not magic money the Conservatives are wasting. It’s your money.

“There is no industrial strategy, no business plan. The budget was an opportunity to remake Britain and it was a missed opportunity.

He continued, “Just as each of you scrutinizes the cost side of your business, constantly wondering if the investments are paying off, we will do the same on behalf of the taxpaying public.

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