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NOUV, a multidisciplinary firm that offers management and financial consulting, business support and certification services, has reorganized its operations and redefined the roles of its partners according to the requirements of good governance. “It would be futile for a company like ours to advocate good governance if we do not practice what we advocate,” said Mark Aquilina, now Chief Visionary Officer responsible for the Group’s strategy and annual planning.

At NOUV, you often adopt the concept of travel. Can you explain all this to us?

I founded NOUV in 2008, initially to provide traditional business support services to micro and small businesses, especially start-ups. So basically, the idea has always been to support companies throughout their journey. As our clients have grown and their needs have become more sophisticated and complex, we have also evolved and expanded our range of services accordingly. We are constantly adding more services to our offerings to continue to support our clients more comprehensively in their professional journey. Similarly, my role at NOUV is to guide our firm through our journey by liaising with my fellow partners and our growing team of professionals.

What prompted the reorganization of NOUV and how is the company constituted today?

The reorganization took place after last year’s acquisition of Tuning Fork, a management and business advisory firm specializing in optimizing business performance, information security, sustainability, human capital and Food Safety. Through this acquisition, the company gained substantial skills in environmental and waste management, sustainability and social responsibility. This has allowed us to help our clients become familiar with the implementation and reporting of ESG-related measures that will help them stand out from their competitors.

Along with the acquisition of Tuning Fork, we also set up a corporate finance and strategy team, which we named 36N Capital, combined with the consolidation of GetGovernanz as a governance, risk and compliance. This hybrid branding helps us specialize and market our expertise through specific channels beyond traditional CPA and CSP related channels.

Who are the other partners in the firm? How have their roles been redefined?

As part of the firm’s reorganization, we felt that the roles of partners needed to be redefined to include board-level responsibilities coupled with areas of specialization. Therefore, in addition to my new role as Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Tonio Farrugia is now Chief Operating Officer responsible for administration, finance, human resources and operations. Andrew Naudi is the Chief Information Officer responsible for IT and driving automation and digitalization within the business, while James Ellul is the Chief Quality Officer to ensure quality and reduce risks in CPA-related services and matters. Of note is the appointment of James Sammut as Director of Sustainability, as we also want to see that NOUV’s business practices are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

This year it’s all about consolidation for future growth

Currently, there seems to be a strong will from companies in terms of the future.

Yes. We are all emerging from a difficult chapter in which many companies have reassessed their role in the market, their priorities and what they stand for. Difficult chapters are part of every journey. The more we engage with our clients, the more we understand how they increasingly understand the importance of embracing sustainability, good governance and optimizing business performance to become future-proof.

Our plan for the coming months is to prepare organizations for “the next level or phase” of their business journey by helping them move quickly, reducing business disruptions to their day-to-day operations, and implementing changes that enable the expected value. to achieve. We also assess their strategy and fully monitor their journey to fully understand opportunities and risks. This is where Luke Cann comes in. In his new appointment as Chief Business Networking Officer, his role is specifically to connect staff and businesses with other businesses and customers.

Business growth should mean increased commitment to your employees.

The achievement of milestones by the company has contributed to a meteoric growth of human capital. In fact, in just over a year, we doubled our staff, which meant that we had to move to new, larger premises in Żebbuġ. It also required that we put in place more organizational structures for the proper functioning of the NOUV. All these changes involved adjustments for the entire management and employees of the company. Our primary concern now is everyone’s mental well-being, and that motivation remains high. That’s why we recently conducted our first internal survey to find out the state of mind of our employees. Fortunately, morale has been good, employees feel supported, listened to and valued, and they all see a lot of room for professional growth in their respective roles.

What are the main factors that led to these positive results?

I think a lot of that is because there is real senior management involvement. We make it a point of honor to avoid the bureaucracy sometimes brought by hierarchies, allowing partners to remain very close to all staff. Of course, we also ensure synergies between all units, including knowledge transfer, maintaining a positive and healthy work culture based on respect, inclusiveness, work flexibility and transparency.

And this year?

In 2021, despite the general disruption, we are pleased to have managed to exceed our financial and commercial objectives. This year will be about consolidation for future growth beyond 2022, allowing time for our flagship brands to continue to evolve, mature and gain market traction. We are also updating our online presence and moving to the new group website, nouv.com, as part of a project to align our marketing materials and efforts.

Our mission for 2022 and beyond is to continue to build this firm into a full-fledged consulting firm that produces quality work, is ethical in its approach and develops an international dimension in its growth strategy. We must also remain accessible, flexible, and true to our roots as a boutique business seeking to make positive changes in people’s lives by helping their businesses.

Mark Aquilina, visionary director responsible for strategy and annual planning at NOUV.

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