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WARREN — Mayor Doug Franklin has announced plans to run again in 2023, but faces competition in the Democratic primary as General Counsel Ken MacPherson confirmed he also plans to run for office.

Franklin, who is in his 11th year as mayor, kicked off his campaign with a recent fundraiser at the DeLucia Banquet Hall. He said he wanted to run again because there is still work to be done in the city.

“We have a lot of momentum that we want to build on,” Franklin said, pointing to economic development as one such area.

Franklin said the city will soon unveil a master plan for Packard, Perkins and Burbank parks that local architectural firm Baker, Bednar and Associates has been working on.

He also said that one of his priorities had long been to deal with the “horror” this is the old St. Joseph Riverside Hospital on the west side – asbestos removal is nearing completion there and Franklin expects the wrecking ball to begin work in November.

There is no term limit for the position, so Franklin said he can continue to be mayor “as long as the public will let me.”

“We don’t have term limits, but that’s what elections are for — to really select who the community wants to run them as mayor.”

MacPherson, who served as a councilor for Warren’s 5th Ward before winning an at-Large seat last November, said while he hasn’t filed paperwork to run for mayor, he is “100% committed” to run for the office.

“I think Warren needs change and I think we need fresh new ideas,” MacPherson said.

MacPherson highlighted his experience in business leadership and technology as attributes that would make him a qualified leader for the city.

He said most people agree that local government is the level of government that has the most impact on their lives, from garbage, water and sewer to police and firefighters – “Lots of details that matter.” MacPherson said he spent his career diving into the details.

He said a primary focus would be the implementation of technologies, such as programs that would allow residents to check the status of an issue until it is completed.

MacPherson said he doesn’t plan to hold any fundraisers, but wants to invite the public to meet him and talk.

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