MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Strategic Impact Advisors (SIA) Launches Campaign to Strengthen the Personal and Business Financial Literacy of Spanish-Speaking Women


US-based Strategic Impact Advisors (SIA) recently released a set of free resources to deliver financial education to Latin American women, including 22 audio lessons lasting 1-4 minutes. The lessons mainly cover topics related to digital financial services, including the use mobile wallets, insurance, budgeting, loans, savings, privacy and how to start a business to accept digital payments.

The audio is in Spanish and English and Spanish transcriptions are available. SIA also recruits volunteers to serve as financial education trainers. SIA offers similar resources in English, French and 14 African languages, suitable for use in six African countries. Most of the lessons uploaded were designed during or after 2020.

SIA is a women-owned company that was founded in 2014. It aims to facilitate access to fintech, including advising clients on mobilizing digital financial solutions. The company is partially funded by the US Government’s Agency for International Development (USAID). As of 2022, SIA provides services in 25 countries.

By Hasnat Aslam, Research Associate

Sources and additional resources

SIA Resources for Financial Education in Spanish

SIA resources for financial education in 16 languages, designed for use in six African countries

SIA home page

USAID Home Page

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