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FAISALABAD: Punjab Agriculture Minister Hussain Jahania Gardesi has inaugurated a nine-day wheat campaign in which 50,000 students from agricultural universities, including 30,000 from Faisalabad Agricultural University, will visit agricultural fields in different districts of Punjab in collaboration with the Agriculture Extension Department. The campaign will begin on October 28.

It aims to educate the farming community on the latest trends and increase productivity per acre.

The Punjab minister said that over the past few years, the trend of wheat cultivation has diminished. He said that, keeping in mind, last year the government launched a wheat campaign in collaboration with agricultural universities to attract farmers to wheat farming. He said that this year, fifty thousand students from three universities in the province will visit the villages.

He said that unfortunately, due to last year’s climate changes, the desired targets for wheat could not be achieved. However, he hopes that food self-sufficiency can be ensured by increasing wheat cultivation and production per acre in Punjab this year.

He said that at present, the average production per acre of Punjab is only 31 mounds if only two maunds per acre are increased, the production will increase by 3.2 million tons. He said that due to the devastation caused by the floods, it is the responsibility of Punjab to achieve the dream of wheat self-sufficiency.

He said that to make wheat farming profitable, the price per maund has been increased from 2200 to 3000. Punjab Agriculture Secretary Ahmad Aziz Tarar said progressive farmer gets the yield of wheat from sixty to sixty- ten maunds per acre.

The foundation for agricultural development can be laid by guiding farmers with various agricultural recommendations, including the use of certified seeds, land preparation, etc. He said that to get better results from the wheat campaign, farmers need to be attracted to the modern method.

UAF Vice Chancellor Prof. Iqrar Ahmad Khan said that to cope with the effects of climate change, work is being done at UAF on high quality wheat varieties which will increase production per acre. He said that last year the severity of the heat affected agricultural productivity. He said that although drill swing is not currently possible due to non-availability of resources, if the seed ratio is taken into account when broadcasting, the results will be better.

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