Neil Gissler, Head of Technology Delivery and Operations, Joins Zivra, LLC as Strategic Advisor


Neil Gisler

“Zivra is an exciting company with a strong foundation and strategy, and a leadership team capable of driving growth through differentiated, high-value services for the future,” said Gissler.

Gissler has 35 years of experience and deep experience in business strategy, operating model design and implementation, P&L design and management, go-to-market organization design, customer segmentation and management, business operations and service delivery, while delivering year-over-year services. annual growth of start-up, hyper-growth and maturation business cycles. His most recent role was COO of Dentsu International where he was responsible for global business transformation (covering strategy development, operating model and organization design, as well as global consolidation brands and legal entities), as well as the continued operation of the business to achieve expected growth and profit expectations.

Prior to Dentsu International, he was Global COO at Merkle, a global advertising and marketing technology services company. At Merkle, he designed and implemented a new growth-oriented operating model and organizational design, implemented a market-based master service set and a new multidimensional P&L, modernized the marketing technology by moving to fully cloud-based technology solutions and transformed the company’s entire operations to drive profitable year-over-year growth. The transformation drove business growth and gross margin increase of 1,400 bps in less than 24 months, and enabled the entire business to drive organic/inorganic growth, shift revenues from $500 million to $1.2 billion and to increase gross margin by 800 basis points and operating profit by 1200bps in less than 4 years.

Prior to Merkle, he was the North American leader of Accenture’s technology growth platform. At Accenture, he managed $8.7 billion in technology and IT services sales and $7.9 billion in revenue and managed more than 57,000 service providers, driving 16% year-over-year growth. the other (as Gartner/IDC predicted 4-5% industry growth) and expanding margins, reducing cost of service and implementing improved pricing and customer service delivery for 2 consecutive years.

“Zivra is an exciting company with a strong foundation and strategy, and a leadership team capable of driving growth through differentiated, high-value services for the future,” said Gissler. “Their geographic reach, focus on customer success and expansion plans will help them establish a leadership position within the IT industry. I’m excited to join and bring my experience to accelerate Zivra’s growth. I am convinced that I can help realize its enormous potential.

JJ Alvarez, Founder and CEO of Zivra, said, “We are delighted to welcome my mentor and advisor, Neil Gissler, as a senior advisor. Neil led our technology growth platform at Accenture, where I saw firsthand the impact of his leadership. His vast experience will no doubt help us transform our operations to exceed our three-year growth and profitability targets, taking Zivra to the next level.”

About Zivra

Zivra is an IT consulting services company focused on providing insightful strategic consulting services to help companies develop and implement their IT transformation strategy. Our mission is to promote strategic initiatives around DevSecOps, cloud strategy, cybersecurity and digital transformation to provide services that increase the efficiency of an IT organization at all phases of the software development lifecycle to ensure the delivery of products to their customers. Zivra is headquartered in Chicago and has offices in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. Learn more at

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