New Supertails Campaign Asks Pet Parents To Keep Four-Legged Companions Closer This Year


  • Supersizes brings the voice of a dog to his audience in his latest commercial.
  • The film is narrated by Max, a Golden Retriever, who knows his father all too well.

Digital pet care start-up Supertails has released a new movie, The New Year’s Resolution, in which it brings a dog’s voice to its audience. January 1 brings with it resolutions that have a questionable lifespan. Yet, year after year, humans make promises they break. This movie is an interpretation of that, but from a pet’s point of view.

The film is narrated by Max, a Golden Retriever, who knows his father all too well. Every year, he makes resolutions like taking an early morning walk, staying hydrated, and reading more. All that he invariably won’t give, except for the love and attention of Max who wakes him on time, pulls him out of the house, and keeps him on track with his goals.

The film aims to show that pets understand humans more than we realize. They are attentive and care about us, it’s just that sometimes we miss the signs. The film ends with Max calling on all dogs to help their parents during the end of the year, when the human urge is to set unrealistic goals and change their lives. Pets see their parents as perfect, so Max sees this resolution phase as fun. Supertails is also asking pet parents to keep their pets closer this year, to spend time understanding them, and forging a real bond with them. With a busy life, sometimes pet parents aren’t able to pay enough attention to how their pets love and care for them in silence. It’s their call to get through the tough times that parenthood sometimes brings. “Pet adoption rates have steadily increased over the past few years, but a recent study by Mars Petcare and other experts shows that 50% of Indian pet parents have admitted to having abandoned a pet. As we work to create new products and services to make India a more pet friendly country, it is only with quality care and time that we can establish bond with their pets. The love of a pet is unmatched, it is our call to give you a real chance to feel it. said Varun Sadana, co-founder of Supertails.


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