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Red Deer’s local #LoveLocalRD campaign is reminding shoppers to take a look at what local businesses have to offer.

The Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce launched the campaign in September to promote Red Deer businesses ahead of the holiday shopping season.

“The feedback from participating companies has been tremendous. It attracts people to stores. It catches their attention. It educates the people and families who run these small businesses, ”said Reg Warkentin, director of policy and government affairs for the chamber.

“People want to support people. “

He said the chamber has distributed hundreds of #LoveLocalRD kits to businesses. There are contests online, and some companies also make Tiktok videos to show off their products, services, and more.

“It’s about telling who runs the business, who they are, what they represent. “


He said consumer spending has remained strong, but there is a lot of concern about another wave of COVID-19. This campaign can help instill confidence in consumers.

“We just need to support our community and continue to come together and help each other until we are finally out of this pandemic. “

He said #LoveLocalRD will likely last until February. Companies will be invited to share their experiences to determine the impact of the campaign.

Warkentin said the stores’ last local campaign was in 2008 following the economic downturn and helped boost sales. Retailing has changed a lot since then. Now the focus is more on social media and the competition from online giants like Amazon is stronger.

“Obviously it’s very, very easy to shop online. It is actually quite easy to shop local too. It’s a great experience.


Funding for the Shop Local campaign comes from a partnership between the Alberta Chambers of Commerce and the federal Department of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade.

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