Sportscraft taps 3000 customers to inform new campaign


Ahead of Father’s Day, Sportscraft surveyed 3,000 Australians to find out what modern fatherhood means for fathers in 2021.

The survey found that fatherhood is more focused on active participation in the family, with modern fathers more keen to discuss important topics such as mental health and respect.

Additionally, research has found that fathers are actively addressing consent and equality with their children.

“Fathers are increasingly loving, caring and positive role models for the next generation, with just 2% of survey respondents unwilling to discuss these topics with their children,” Sportscraft said in a statement.

Additionally, the survey found that 79% of respondents said time spent with family is the most important thing in their life.

More than 80% of respondents said fathers were more involved in parenting than ever before, 82% taking time off work after their children were born and 62% claiming to share parenting duties separately equal with their partners.

Based on these research results, Sportscraft adapted its Father’s Day campaign for today’s dads.

The company’s campaign features three fathers who are candidly reflecting on their moments of joy and learning in their own parenting roles.

“Leisure hobbies, the outdoors, time spent with family and friends are core values ​​of the Australian lifestyle and what informs and shapes the Sportscraft aesthetic as it is today. the modern father, ”said Jackie Le Roux, Sportscraft brand manager.

Sportscraft’s Father’s Day campaign features Sam Hopkinson, Orlando Reindorf and Marty.


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