Spotify is trying to improve the relationship with the artist and plans to pay a performance bonus


Author Irene Benavides – 1.4.2022

Lately, Daniel Ek has been in the media more than ever. Lots of sorts of controversy surrounded it, and this time not just because of the hilarious amount of money being paid out to artists. The recent podcast controversy caused a few artists to leave the platform, which, together with the well-known payment policy, resulted in the cancellation of many bounties.

Tidal becomes the most important direct competitor by presenting itself as a fair platform for artists. Worried Daniel Ek wants to try including the trending NFT on Spotify.

It’s yet to come. So he’s trying to come up with more ideas and he came up with this amazing project, of course, where the artists win if he wins. Recently, he announced that his bad reputation in the music world had to stop and that he was doing his best to make everyone happy.

This new business plan would include a performance bonus and with it the artist would not only get the ridiculous amount he gets per song (like $1 for 250 plays) but also an even more ridiculous amount to keep filling the pockets of Ek. while he is lying in his chair.

Ek has yet to confirm the percentages or how that payout might be. But coming from him, we can expect good business for him, and less good for the artists. Time will tell us.

Daniel Ek informed about this project via Instagram. If you don’t see the image, click here


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