Technology reveals the bright spots of blended learning


Thanks to these new ways of engaging – and what Croaker calls the ability to become their own advocates – the 25 students made it through grade eight. It was such a success that Mansfeld decided to permanently add these communication methods to his resource toolkit. “We will continue to provide a way for students to communicate without needing to meet in person,” said Croaker. “It’s the start of building a relationship in a less intimidating way.”

Dean Lent agrees that the technology provided by Verizon has been a great advantage and points out that there was another reason why it worked: “The effort these students put in, along with their patience, put them in a position to develop habits that will allow them to be more successful in life.

Cooking new ideas

As a Verizon Innovative Learning coach at Davis Middle School in Compton, Calif., Jose Gonzalez has a close bond with the school’s parents – they compete in STEM competitions together and are known to leave him plates of food at the school. desk. So Gonzalez immediately recognized the added stress parents went through when their children’s education moved home. “I was like, ‘There has to be a way for my parents to have the chance to express themselves,’ said Gonzalez.

Its solution depended on two things: modern technology provided by Verizon and centuries-old tradition. “Cooking is a universal language. Everyone has to eat, ”says Gonzalez. “And when people invite you to their homes to share food, there is a great bond.”

So he created the “Parent Virtual Cooking Show”. In the first episode that aired live, he tapped his Cuban roots and made picadillo. “I thought I’d let myself be modeled first, then challenged my parents to cook,” says Gonzalez.


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