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After spending four years in the Marine Corps doing administration and logistics while stationed at Miramar in San Diego, Tucker Blaylock felt uneasy about the state of the owner’s market in 2009.

Because of this, the sailor-turned-ASU student for his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management decided to try investing some money in real estate in hopes that the market would start to seep. to sort out.


“I came back from the Marine Corps, the market was in a bad place, so things got pretty shaken up here,” Blaylock said. “I started investing with my

family on a few houses and apartments in the area and from there I just decided I might as well try it myself.

After graduating, Tucker pursued his passion for real estate and investing and co-founded real estate company The Brokery boutique in 2012. Through his dedication and regimented mindset, Blalock and his business partner Oleg Bortman took The Brokery from zero sales to achieved more than $400 million in sales this year in three offices and purchased new 2,000 square foot office space just below the Safari Condos located just off Scottsdale Road and Camelback Road.

“We slowly took contiguous market share from neighboring communities. We started in Biltmore, expanded to Arcadia and went to downtown Phoenix, but all of these markets are contiguous,” Blalock said. “So the next stop for us going east would be Scottsdale. So we’re opening our fourth location which will be at the bottom of the safari


Although the market remained hot across the valley, Blalock wanted to flock to an area where his business had a proven history and would not have to

start from zero.

“What we discovered was that we didn’t want to recreate the wheel. If we go out some-

elsewhere in the East Valley, I have the impression that we would start from scratch whereas

if we go into a place like Scottsdale where we already have a bit of a presence in the area with our rosters and other agents,” he said. “To naturally enter a contiguous market like that, it’s just easier from a marketing perspective.”

Blalock also felt that Scottsdale gives The Brokery an idyllic location to bolster its motto.

“Our motto is ‘relentlessly local,’ and everything we do is very neighborhood and location-focused,” he said. “This office gives us that next move east without having to expand too


Blalock is also keen to work closely with potential and current residents of Scottsdale.

“Scottsdale obviously caters to a demographic that loves walking and all the amenities therein,” he said. “I think just getting

us in this space gives it to us again, it differentiates and diversifies

our sales team and allows us to enter a market that we have not yet penetrated as much as we would like.

Blalock is also keen to share as much information as possible with future Scottsdale owners.

“When people walk in, they’re usually greeted with a slew of marketing materials and market reports that really put them in sync with the domains,” he said. “And if someone is very analytical, we can get down to their level and show them all the stats in the neighborhood.”

Despite the once flamboyant market beginning to calm down, Blalock is still confident about the future of the real estate market.

“The market in general has started to cool in our view, stocks have doubled in the last two months and rates have also doubled,” Blalock said. “That being said, we’re just trying to diversify and make sure we stay ahead of the game. Our company motto is also to be agile and we try to stay disciplined and focus on our agility in the market.

Blalock hopes to open the Scottsdale office by the end of the fiscal year and is also looking to double the number of agents on its staff from about 40 agents to about 80 agents.

Blalock also hopes to open a fifth location by the end of 2023.



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