Thor slams the hammer on government vax campaign


CBD readers will recall that after filming a National Geographic documentary on the brain in June, Hemsworth and the producers organized for a truck full of medical supplies including an x-ray lamp, an electric bed, stainless steel medical cart, thermometers and a multi-thousand dollar weight and height device will be donated to Armajun Aboriginal Health Service, a non-profit Indigenous medical clinic in Armidale NSW .

Fortunately, Hemsworth got his jab elsewhere and the government recruited other celebrities to join his campaign. The interest of Australian celebrities in getting involved in the campaign was so strong that the Mandarins had to turn it down.


It was not until May that the Australian executive chairman of News Corp, Michael Miller, announced on The Murdoch media company behind Sky News and The daily telegraph (among others) would create 100 editorial roles after formalizing a payment agreement with Google and Facebook.

Without a doubt, good news. But we wonder if News used Alberici Accounting (all revenue, no fees) to calculate its editorial result.

Last week, News cut up to 25 editorial posts in its newsrooms. As revealed by CBD, an internal memo released revealed the flagship of the large format the australian would lose 10 positions, including six from NSW and four from Victoria, while the TV would lose two and the new information network would lose three.

Leading names to leave include veteran business columnist Jean Durie (a well-respected former Chanticleer) who found himself at the end of an untimely request for a Zoom meeting on the very day of the Commonwealth Bank’s bottom line. The meeting finally took place a few days later and went as well as you might expect when you fail to give a key employee proper notice after accumulating over 14 years as a backbone of the paper.

But we move away. Should the 100 hires come with a footnote explaining that it’s actually 75 when you consider the rebasing of News Corp’s cost base? Probably too much to ask.


To be fair, Miller is making up for it in other areas. He sent staff a recurring invitation in his journal titled “Start the weekend early” asking them to stop early on Friday. Scheduled for 3 p.m. the next three Fridays, Miller’s initiative is a compelling proposition for a workforce tired by the pandemic.

Don’t expect the editorial teams – you know, the ones that go through the cuts – to be able to drop everything before the deadline.

“This is an invitation for people who can start the weekend early to look after you and your loved ones,” the invitation reads.

“Obviously, for editorial teams and print center staff… taking a note early on Friday is not an option. In these operations… the team leaders will explain directly to you how you can take time off work in a way that matches your individual lists. We are sure they will.


Stop the pendulums! Former CEO of PwC Luc Sayers, best friend of the two federal treasurers Josh frydenberg and victorian prime minister Daniel Andrews, teamed up with ad man, 3AW breakfast jock and ABC Gruen stalwart Russel howcroft to start a podcast.

Just What The World Needs Another Business Podcast We Hear You Cry.

The first episode of Conversay ”tions with Howcroft has fallen. No, Conversay “tions is not a CBD typo (for once) but a clever branding, echoing the logo of Say” ers, “the modern investment and advisory firm designed for the new economy. “That Say” ers, sorry, Sayers was founded last year between leaving PwC and the chairmanship of Carlton Football Club. Supporters of the wealth management and advisory firm include CBD favorites Lindsay and David Renard, founder of Jayco Gerry Ryan and Seek co-founder André Bassat, which will hopefully follow in Sayers’ wake as interviewees. The podcast is about “the importance of starting a conversation and willingness to authentically share your story”. But given the chatter of Sayers and Howcroft, while the focus may be on starting the conversation, the challenge will surely be ending it.

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