Unilever ANZ, PHD and Seven launch converged campaign


The Seven Network, PHD and Unilever Australia & New Zealand have launched a fully converged TV advertising campaign, flexibly delivered across Seven’s TV ecosystem.

Beauty and personal care brand, Dove, one of Unilever’s brands, is the first to deliver a full end-to-end campaign on linear and digital TV screens at the same time, with audiences moving across the screens of Seven and 7plus while the campaign is Live.

The campaign uses the industry’s new VOZ Total Audience metric at every stage to help dynamically move the campaign in real-time across different devices and content to reach the brand’s target audience in the most efficient and effective way. as efficient as possible.

On Seven and 7plus, audience duplication for the optimized campaign was measured at 1%, demonstrating that different audiences on linear and digital screens complement each other and together deliver a better result for brands looking to engage their target consumers.

The three-part series HERE

Sarah Sorrenson, Director of Unilever ANZ Media & Digital Hub, said: “As the media landscape changes, it is important that Unilever ANZ continues to innovate in its buying approach, ensuring that our brands remain essential by reaching consumers wherever they watch broadcast content.

“The converged trial with Seven Network and PHD has allowed us to do just that and we are confident it will unlock efficiencies. We are thrilled to be pioneering this buying model and look forward to seeing how the results will shape the future of media buying in Australia.

Emma Wood, Chief Investment Officer of PHD Group, said: “All brands and categories have been impacted by changing viewing habits. PHD and Unilever ANZ are leading the way in employing a convergent approach to buying and capitalizing on BVOD audience growth in line with changing consumer behavior.

“In partnership with Seven Network, PHD is thrilled to be first to market with a campaign convergence that will allow us to better understand how ratings can be delivered across all of television.”

Alex Tansley, Head of Converged Audience Trading at Seven, said: “As Australia’s most-watched network and leader in total TV, Seven understands how converged buying offers advertisers a more efficient, faster and easier to build brands with reach, impact and relevance. in the metropolitan television, regional television and digital markets.

“With linear TV delivering rapid mass reach and BVOD continuing to grow exponentially, converged buying and commerce is the future for efficiently reaching the entire audience with minimal waste, and we are committed to accelerating television’s total opportunity for agencies and marketers today and in the future.”

The series is designed to help brands harness the power of converged audience trading across linear broadcast and BVOD and free up agencies’ time to focus on strategic initiatives and create better results for their clients.


Unilever ANZ:
Media & Digital Hub Director: Sarah Sorrenson
ANZ Senior Media and Brand Engagement Manager: Alison Holland
National Investment Director: Joanna Barnes
Group Investment Director: Emma Wood
Group Commercial Director: Ali Jones
Sales Manager: Punesh Han
Chief Investment Officer: Alysia Engelsen
Investment Manager: Mikeah Irving
Head of Convergent Audience Trading: Alex Tansley
NSW Sales Manager: Georgie Nichols
Group Commercial Director: Elizabeth Kirkman
Group Commercial Director: Matt Chapman
Sydney Digital Sales Manager: Laura Pulini
Group Sales Director: Gabrielle Byrne
Group Sales Director: John Gregory
Sales Manager: Kyle Mardell

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