Western Illinois University to introduce six new online degree programs this fall


Western Illinois University (WIU) will offer six new online programs beginning in fall 2022 in response to professional workforce needs, the university announced.

In a press release on Wednesday, the university said that in addition to providing flexibility for students wishing to work in high-demand jobs in the future, these online programs were designed to provide more access to current professionals and students. “who want to stay close”, Erudera College News reports.

Programs include bachelor’s degrees in business analysis, finance, and emergency management, as well as master’s degrees in applied statistics and business analysis, accounting, and mathematics.

Western Illinois notes that students are expected to engage in different fields such as public service, business, data processing, and more.

WIU College of Business and Technology Dean Craig Conrad said the new programs will help the university stay in tune with workers’ needs.

“Our goal is to meet the workforce development needs of the communities we serve,” Conrad pointed out.

Meanwhile, Quad Cities Campus Vice President of Operations Kristi Mindrup pointed out that these six new online college programs follow the objections of the Quad Cities Campus Strategic Plan.

“Each new program responds to student interests and our community’s call for flexible, innovative programs in high-demand areas that contribute to the success of our region,” Mindrup said.

Western Illinois University was established in 1899 as Western Illinois State Normal School. The institution now hosts thousands of students, including international students, and employs 1,299 faculty and staff – 505 faculty and 794 staff.

As of fall 2021, the university’s total enrollment was 7,455, including 5,394 undergraduates and 2,061 graduates. During the same period last year, international students made up 8.8% of Western Illinois’ entire student population.

The university offers around 100 degree programs for undergraduate and graduate students, integrated programs, pre-professional programs as well as certificate programs. The main majors for undergraduate students include law enforcement and administration of justice, psychology, biology, agriculture, and management, while graduates mainly join business administration, computing and instructional leadership.

Many students have been able to study thanks to the financial aid offered by the institution. As of fall 2021, 82% of students have received support.

In 2020, due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, universities around the world had to switch from in-person to online education. Distance learning was well accepted; however, many students also reported mental health issues due to social isolation.


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